Do any of these situations apply to you?

UK Temporary Works Design provides these services
to solve all your scaffolding headaches:

Scaffold Designs

CAT3 Checks

As-Built Drawings

Technical Assistance

Site Visits

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

You will receive a delivery date with every quotation. If we don't deliver the designs on time, you'll get them for FREE. The clock starts ticking once you approve the quote via email and we've received all the information required.

Fully Insured

We have arranged the following insurance policies to remove every risk possible from your business:

Professional Indemnity: £5 M
Public Liability: £5 M

Hi! I am Raul, a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng MICE) with 22 years of experience in scaffold design (tube & fitting and system scaffold) and temporary works.

I directed my own engineering business in Spain for 9 years. I also trained scaffolders and patented a new anchor system during that time. I lost everything once the crisis swept the country and moved to London with my family.

After 5 years as Design Manager at PHD Access, I decided to start UK Temporary Works Design to provide scaffold designs with a very quick turnaround.

raul bandera CEO uk temporary works

scaffold designs Examples

Beamwork 29m Span
2 Stories Backpropping Support
Free Standing Temporary Roof 17m Span